Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by. I'm Sam – a graphic designer and illustrator. I'm currently residing in Burlington, Vermont enjoying my job being a Jr. Graphic Designer for the Boston Beer Company.
Where I'm From
I was born and raised in Tustin, California, but I spent my most significant years developing my creative skills in Colorado while attending Colorado State University pursuing a Graphic Design degree. After graduating in 2018, I enjoyed the mountains in Colorado for a few more years until the Green Mountain State called my name in July, 2022. 
What inspires me
Music, nature, the passions of others, and being around like-minded creatives.
My goals
To stay humble, stay inspired, uplift others, continue appreciating the beauty of the world around me, and make cool shit that I think rocks. 
Wanna talk?
Shoot me an email at Samanthashepardson1@gmail.com, or submit your message through the contact form in my portfolio.

Thanks for reading! Love you.

Thank you!